Top 10 Sexiest Songs by DJ Rocky & DJ Dam

Welcome in our world – DJ Rocky & DJ Dam

Sexy Songs - dj Rocky and dj dam

Sexy songs – top 10

  1. This song used to be LIFE
    Justin Timberlake

Barbados2. The beat has the feeling of riding down the long road on a bright summer evening.


3.I should be working now…
Britney Spears



Who is next?


 4. Beyonce was playing with my emotions

5. My Booty is still to small 🙂
Jennifer Lopez & Iggy Azalea


6. I want to dance more and more
Jennifer Lopez & Pitbull


7. Song about me
Enrique Iglesias


8. I wanna dance like hot
The Pussycat Dolls


Colombia9. Shakira is woman crush everyday

and last song….

10. I never be shy during this song


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