Big April 2016 Soundparty – TOP 10 Special Sound List – DJ Nina

My top 10 songs

april 2016

sound-list11. The first one is to Lana Del Rey – West coast.
She is american singer from New York. Her real name is Elizabeth Grant. I like this song, because it is very sensual and sing about love.

2. Adele – Someone Like You
from England – London – I love this artist, she has awesome voice. I like to listen all of her songs, always played so well with the unlimited possibilities of her voice.


3. Rihanna – Diamonds
Robyn Rihanna Fenty is born in Saint Michael and raised in Bridgetown. I like this song, because it’s with interesting video. Rihanna is really sexy and with her own style, that’s why I like her.

4. Shakira – She Wolf
Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll is a Colombian singer. Whenever I hear this song I dance a lot! Shakira is great singer and songwriter, but what I like about her most is how she dance and her choreography!

5. Hozier – Take Me To Church
Andrew Hozier Byrne is Irish musician – Ireland. I like this song, because he sing for misunderstanding between people. I think there is much injustice in the world and there should be such kind music.

6. Кирил Маричков – Моят свят from Bulgaria – Sofia. This song i love, because brings me a lot of memories of my childhood, with my best friend, we loved to sing it.

7. Rammstein – Mutter
Ramstein is from German – Berlin and I love to listen rock and metal music. This group is one of my favorites. I like them, because they are different and unique. German is not my language, so I can’t understand them, what they sing, but I can feel a lot of energy of this music!

8. Ceca – Kukavica
Свѐтлана Ражна̀тович is a Serbian singer. I love her songs, because they are appropriate for celebrations and party time. I think this is one of her best songs. –
– Ceca live with the Kukavica –

9. Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars – this is Nothern Irish rock band, origin – Dundee, Scotland. I love this song, but I think the lyrics are really clever and makes me think for some things in the life. –

10. Dim4ou feat. ATS – Para-hod
These boys are bulgarian rap performers. I like to listen their music, because it’s really funny. When I’m not in the mood, I listen their music, this makes me feel better!


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