Survivor – Eye of The Tiger

Today we are listening to a song that we have been connected for so many years with the will to win. It’s called “Eye of the Tiger,” and it’s from Survivor’s eponymous album. But her “big role” is in... Read More →

Kiss – I Was Made For Lovin’ You

For more than 40 years “Kiss” have been at the top of the music industry. They are awarded the prestigious award of the American Composers’ Organization, authors and publishers. With numerous successful tours and a multi-million army of followers, “Kiss” continues to conquer every next generation with their energy that they demonstrate in an inimitable way.  Drawing attention with their makeup, long hair and stage costumes, the musicians are among the most famous glam rock performers in the 1970s with their hits, including

“I Was Made For Lovin’ You”.


Guns ‘N’ Roses – Sweet Child O’Mine


There is hardly anyone, who love rock music and never heard of  “Guns ‘N’ Roses”. True, it became popular in the late 1980s, which was almost 40 years ago, and many of us at that time did not exist yet, but in this case, that does not mean absolutely anything. Firstly, because this band is more than world-famous with the music it has created, and secondly, because it is one of the best in the genre, it’s just a classic. 

Guns N’Roses holds the title of the biggest hit of the 1980s, namely Sweet Child O’Mine, whose video has nearly 1 billion views. 


AC/DC – Thundersruck

Rock and AC / DC – synonyms. One of the greatest rock bands in history. AC / DC deserves to remain in history as one of the greatest bands ever created. AC / DC will remain in history as a thunder that has blown many of us and has stayed deep in our hearts. Whatever I say about them will be a bit, and the best critics are the fans. That’s why I leave you to watch this video and enjoy one of their biggest hits -Thunderstruck .

Living On Soundemotions

Trans-X is a Canadian 1980s synth band formed in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. They are known for their hit song “Living on Video” which charted worldwide.